Being preoccupied led to getting dirty

While I was building my house last year I got a little bit preoccupied with it and so in 3 weeks I only went on 2 proper dates, but had been with more guys than that... And here's those stories.

As the house has been stressing me out, I've notice that all I do is talk about it - see I'm doing it again, which really annoys me and I don't want to go on dates with guys and just talk about it because that's what I'm thinking about.  This has lead me to bending the rules A LOT.

Now if you don't want to read about getting hot and heavy... stop ready now!

Now these stories all cross over a bit from the past few weeks and even to me the weeks and days and flown by without realising where these boys all fit.  I'd also like to point out - all of these guys are good looking and have well fit bodies... yep I've been super picky about how they look, funny that given I don't have a very good/toned body haha.

I've previously written about Joe the Drill & Blast Engineer, who just came for 'cuddles' one Sunday morning and look to be honest he was a little disappointing in the bedroom, but then when he offered to come around on the night he flew back from work, just because I was having a bad day, and he didn't try any funny business, I'd kind of started thinking that there might be something to this bedroom action first talk later situation that had been put in front of me.  After the Tuesday night cuddles Joe got a little bit demanding... and when I wasn't getting anything out of it, I just flat out said no I wasn't interested unless I was getting something too, which only seems fair right.  But I did cave a week later when I was promised to get something in return, which turned out to be a disappointment again - shame coz he was SO HOT!!  Needless to say, he's been cut away and I'm not going there again.

Then there was James the Building Designer (surely that's just an engineer or something less wanky sounding), we met up for a drink on a Friday night and I pretty much couldn't get away from the guy quick enough, thankfully I had other plans that night to be able to run away to.  He was nice enough, but I'm pretty sure I was more of a man than he was, which left me thinking he was a little undecided on his sexuality (not that I've got anything against that, it was just not what I am personally looking for in a partner), he also broke the rule big time about talking about an ex... BIG NO NO!!  So I was happy to cut him away, until he started chasing me hard... purely for a booty call, but really I was a little interested to see what he had under his clothes.  So I left it for a day to make my decision and then went around to his after a hens party on the Saturday night. Again I was left epically disappointed, one because I hadn't got anything because he had some premature ejaculation issues and two because I had ended up with cum in my hair... that has never happened to me and I am still so grossed out by it today!  The funny thing out of this one was that he thought it was ok to tell me he'd hooked up with 4 other chicks that week - hahaha as if buddy with that problem and also because he thought I'd be in contact for a 'round 2'... um no chance!

Who was next.... hmmm Rob the Offshore Surveyor, well I was definitely interested in seeing this guy with his clothes off. From his half naked pics on the website, he had almost an 8 pack.... YES PLEASE!!!  Well I was not disappointed by this hook up at all, he had a BIG ...... and knew what he was doing. At first I thought he was a bit creepy and wasn't sure on him, but he seemed ok (other than the pics of bits that you don't want to see until you've seen them naked). I was maybe only interested because he was good looking and had a fit body, I know it's shallow but hey... a girls gotta get amongst things when you can.  After the booty call I never heard from Rob again, and really I'm not fussed about that at all because he was 30 and still living with his parents - coz that's a huge turn off!

Then there was Callum the chippy, he was the second date in the last few weeks, we'd been talking for over 2 weeks (he works away) before we met and it was a good first date. We met at a nice pub (always a good sign) on the afternoon that he had flown in, and we were both crazy hung over, but after the first drink we both perked up and the conversation just flowed and kind of felt like we had hung out so many times before.  Just fun and easy, like hanging out with one of your mates. Neither of us wanted the date to end so it didn't, not what I usually do with the ones I might like, but I think it was the right move.  So the date went from 2pm Sunday to 7am Monday... good times!! I met up with him for drinks another time and possibly hooked up with him again haha, I kinda liked him but he was so inconsistent and kept disappearing so that was the end of him,


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