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I was left confused to say the least

I don't know if this post is going to make sense because part of this still doesn't make sense to me.
Not so long ago, but long enough, I met someone. Someone who had me convinced he was amazing, I was so comfortable and happy that I let my guard down, which for those of you who know me, doesn't happen often. 
Letting my guard down is not to be mistaken with me being open because those two things are very different. Letting my guard down is me laying myself, my flaws and my insecurities on the table, it's acknowledging certain things that I don't like to ever raise with people, some of my friends don't know some of the things that I laid out to Mark. 
That's his name, Mark, and in true style of this blog, he was known as the radio guy to some of my friends, as he works for 96fm on their breakfast show. There was something about him, even now I can't work out what it was. He was funny, charming, happy, seemed to have things figured out like me and was into …

Emotional v Unemotional

I've recently been trying to think logically about why I'm single and so many of my friends have met the most amazing men. Is it that I'm career focused, I know exactly who I am, I am not the thinnest girl going around (and def was a whole lot bigger than I am now about 4-5 months ago), I'm fiercely independent - always gonna stand on my own two feet, or is it that I'm too straight forward, ugh who knows!! 
I then realized there's a trend with my friends and their male counterparts. 
Most of my friends, like me, are unemotional women. It's not that we don't have emotions, it's that we don't need to use them or wave them around in people's faces. We share things with each other but that's because we are close and sometimes things reach boiling point, which leads to that super awkward moment when water comes out of eyes. Worst situation ever!! 
The guys that most of my friends are with are fairly emotional men... Not afraid to express their f…