Emotional v Unemotional

I've recently been trying to think logically about why I'm single and so many of my friends have met the most amazing men. Is it that I'm career focused, I know exactly who I am, I am not the thinnest girl going around (and def was a whole lot bigger than I am now about 4-5 months ago), I'm fiercely independent - always gonna stand on my own two feet, or is it that I'm too straight forward, ugh who knows!! 

I then realized there's a trend with my friends and their male counterparts. 

Most of my friends, like me, are unemotional women. It's not that we don't have emotions, it's that we don't need to use them or wave them around in people's faces. We share things with each other but that's because we are close and sometimes things reach boiling point, which leads to that super awkward moment when water comes out of eyes. Worst situation ever!! 

The guys that most of my friends are with are fairly emotional men... Not afraid to express their feelings, have an argument to work out issues and all understand that their ladies are no good at it. So much so that we often have to combine efforts to work out appropriate emotional responses to meet their men's needs for emotion. 

Given that it is usually the guys that are unemotional and the chicks are emotional wrecks (also read as psychos), this is how so many more people are in relationships. 

So based on this of course, I've reached the conclusion that unemotional women need emotional men.... It's totally the balance of Mother Nature. Or at least that's my new excuse as to why I can seem to hold down a relationship. 

Makes perfect sense to me 😉


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