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Pushing past limits and addictions

I used to be a quitter, every time something got too hard, I'd give up and walk away. This is up there with one of the big reasons I never succeeded in weight loss before. 
But I've found over the last year that I can put more in then I thought I could, especially when it comes to my health & wellbeing. Firstly with duromine, which I will admit was not a walk in the park with the side effects and, as my friends will admit, the crazies it gave me. And secondly with exercise, I'm now always trying to better my last session, pushing through the limits of my mind. 
So I decided I needed to set myself up for success when starting my isagenix journey, this meant I needed to kick habits to move forward.
My worst habit was Diet Coke... I used to drink it everyday and am embarrassed to say it was more than just a one can a day addiction. I've attempted to kick it before, clearly unsuccessfully and honestly if I didn't have Diet Coke by about 1-2pm everyday the withdrawals …

A weighty matter

Anyone who's read this blog will tell you it's about my dating experiences and occasionally I'll write about something different.
Don't get me wrong, I am still on the hunt for love and still dating, but it is not something I obsess about like I used to and last year I realized I've obsessed about my weight for a lot longer than I have about dating. 
I've never been so honest about my weight but I need to get past the walls that have been holding me back, which is why I now feel I've got to talk about it openly and honestly. 
Since high school my weight has fluctuated between 75kg and 85kg (a tight size 12 to a comfy size 16) with it only ever going below 75kg when I did extreme diets of basically not eating for a day or two, only to have it bounce back up just as quick.
So it was time to take action... And the positive change really started when my mum told me that I should address my weight once and for all, and shouldn't accept many doctors answers that …