Pushing past limits and addictions

I used to be a quitter, every time something got too hard, I'd give up and walk away. This is up there with one of the big reasons I never succeeded in weight loss before. 

But I've found over the last year that I can put more in then I thought I could, especially when it comes to my health & wellbeing. Firstly with duromine, which I will admit was not a walk in the park with the side effects and, as my friends will admit, the crazies it gave me. And secondly with exercise, I'm now always trying to better my last session, pushing through the limits of my mind. 

So I decided I needed to set myself up for success when starting my isagenix journey, this meant I needed to kick habits to move forward.

My worst habit was Diet Coke... I used to drink it everyday and am embarrassed to say it was more than just a one can a day addiction. I've attempted to kick it before, clearly unsuccessfully and honestly if I didn't have Diet Coke by about 1-2pm everyday the withdrawals would kick in, the headache which very quickly would turn into a migraine (light sensitivity, vomiting, the works). Like I said this is so embarrassing, but from everything I've read about Diet Coke and the artificial sweeteners, I knew this was a major contributing factor to my jelly belly... So it had to go! 

I started isagenix on Saturday full well knowing the withdrawals would kick in over the weekend and hopefully be gone by Monday so I was back to myself in time for work.... And oh my did they hit me! I felt like rubbish all weekend, alternating between being laid up in my dark room and having my head in the toilet all Saturday afternoon, but I pushed through and stuck to the plan set out in my 30 day cleanse pak. 

This made me ready to get into my first cleanse day on the Monday before jetting off the Brisbane for the remainder of the week. Half way through the cleanse day I felt AMAZING... No word of a lie, I felt better then I ever thought I could on a strict deep cleanse day. I didn't feel hungry at any point during the day. 

I've been able to smash through my first week with no issues, had a few little cheats like a cheeky wine and dinner with a friend on Thursday while away for work, but still stayed on track and exercised without feeling physically tired once. 

I also thought today that Id like a cold fizzy drink so I got a Diet Coke, mostly wanting to know if I'd be able to just have one... It tasted horrible! Like pure chemicals, I had 2 sips and threw it out!! I'm sure some of you don't understand how I could've been so addicted, but it was a habit I've had since I was 16/17... I remember 'needing' it when I was on student exchange in Canada when I was 17 and having to buy it as an 'essential' to my life. 

I can't believe how easy it was to get past the addiction and whole heartedly believe it's because I'm nourishing my body with the right vitamins, minerals and real food with isagenix. 

Given I've decided to be completely honest on this journey, I'll share that I've lost 3kg so far, my belly definitely feels/looks flatter to me and can tell the difference already in my clothes. 

It's amazing what my mind and body can do when I decide to set myself up for success and to push through. I'm so excited to see where I can go next! 

Contact me or comment below if you'd like more information about the products I'm using.


  1. Just been reading about your journey hun! Congratulations! I've not done isagenix but even eating just clean for a week makes me feel the same. I love reading these. Well done. Like to hear more about the product. KB x

    1. Hi Katie, I tried to message you on Facebook to see if you had any questions or wanted to chat more about the products, but unfortunately there was an error. Please email me Lucilusmith85@gmail.com if you want to chat some more or order. Xx


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