Where The Energy Is At

Lately I've seen a few people I follow and know talking about, on social media, embracing and igniting their feminine energy and feeling a huge shift in their lives by doing this. Which made me curious about my own energy and where it's at... so I got googling and reading because I honestly knew nothing about it.
Any one who's read The Secret will actually know what I'm talking about as this all comes from the law of gender... unfortunately before now it didn't interest me. Just to be clear for those who haven't heard of this concept before, I'm not talking about physical or emotional genders or even sexuality, I'm talking about the energy we engage, focus on, hold, play in or however you want to call it. We've all heard of alpha males right? Well that comes from the masculine energy that someone holds.

Immediately I realised from reading just one paper on this (I have read many more), that I engage my masculine energy, probably a solid 90% of the t…

A number with too much meaning

Let's get very real right now and I'll admit I'm uncomfortable writing this... I've been holding off on telling anyone about completing my first 16 week challenge with nutritional cleansing and 8 week F45 challenge because I'm straight out ashamed that I didn't achieve everything I wanted. To the point that I skipped out on having my body scan because I didn't want to know the results, didn't want to know if the kilos I'd gained were muscle or fat, didn't want anyone around me to know the numbers. 
I know this may sound ridiculous, but if you've battled with your weight and obsessed about it for years like I have, then you know it's a very slippery slope back to where you began and gaining a couple of kilos is the very scary start.
I want to be completely honest right now because I know I'm not the only one who's done things or may do something like this in the future. I'm not the only one who's weight has gone up and down …

Ego v Romantic Interest

This blog started out as being about my life, everything as a whole, but over time it turned into a dating blog as I had become a serial dater and it was the highlight of my life for a period when I was unhappy in SO many other parts of my life. Like hating my job, spending time with friends to avoid spending time with myself, training at the gym a lot to try and get the body that I thought would make me happy and that I was 'closet eating' by lying to myself about what was going in my mouth.

So dating guys and being the judgy mcjudge pants chick that I used to be was amusing and kept me distracted from those other things.
I decided that it was time to work on me so 2016 is about me, my health, my dreams and goals, and since the beginning of this year, since moving to Sydney, it would appear from this blog that I wasn't getting amongst the dating scene much because I had been too busy working on me, but to be completely honest, I've dabbled in dating. I went on about …


A couple of weeks ago, at a morning with amazing likeminded friends, I was asked
You'd think I'd have an answer for that, but I honesty didn't! I had no idea where I'd want to be, what I'd be doing and couldn't even picture it.
I think part of that is because I had a mortgage at 19 and essentially I've been owned by a bank since then.
So there I was actually thinking about it... And it looked pretty nice!
*A big house by the beach, preferably one street back from the beach at Cottesloe - dream big right?! *No credit card debt  *No boss - yep I said it *Working because I love the products and want everyone to feel as amazing as I do *Giving back and paying it forward to the community *Travelling Australia and the world, when and where I wanted
Sounds good right!!! 
What if I told you this is possible? It's possible if you want it, if you work for it now, that you can retire sooner t…


Right now in this moment, I feel that my life is truly perfect, my heart and soul are full, I am on the exact path (or dirt track really) that I'm supposed to be. 
I got to wake up this morning and reflect on the awesome weekend I've had, where I've seen so many of my loved ones, laughed, cried (thanks Anna and the isa family), shared stories on the struggles, celebrated success and got to acknowledge that, as much as I absolutely love Perth and it's home, my life right now is in Sydney and it's profoundly changed my life for the better. 
You might say well she doesn't have a partner, kids, lives far from her family and isn't the thinnest/prettiest/whatever girl in the room... My answer to all you haters and negative Nancy's out there is - how's about you walk a day in my shoes and feel the amount of love, health and happiness I have in my life, you might be surprised to find that it's the same, if not more than you. 
Yeh I live a long way from my …

I'm hooked and there's no turning back

I can't believe that Day 30 has rolled around so quick since I started my nutritional cleansing journey... And to say I'm blown away is an understatement.
I've managed to change my life so easily that I've barely noticed it most days, from having a shake for breakfast - well I used to do that just with a inferior product that wasn't giving me all the vitamins and minerals I need, to doing a cleanse day - I've dabbled in juice cleanses before which left me tired and hungry, but the difference has 100% been the products.
My body has changed in more than just appearance during this time (pics below for those who want to see), I can feel I'm healthier, I train harder, feel stronger and I'm in general just better.  Can I just take a brag moment here and say I've never fit let alone thought I would ever anything size 8 and now I do - WOOHOO!!!!! 
Don't get me wrong there were days that weren't all rainbows and butterflies, days when I fell off the wa…

Reflecting on the big picture

I've been really pushing myself hard with work lately, essentially taking an active role on a project and still trying to make my mark in the role I actually moved to Sydney for. 
Having said that I really do love my job and am grateful for the opportunities I'm given, but after my body revolted against me this week, it's really made me reflect on what I want for myself. 
I'm ridiculously lucky to have stumbled across a company and people who can support me in making all my dreams come true, and it's a different company to the one that pays my bills right now.
Before you all say 'network marketing' or 'pyramid scheme', I'll admit it is network marketing... But don't put your judgy pants on just yet. 
So about a year ago I started following a Facebook page, that came up as a 'suggested page/friend' or something like that, because the people on this page had shared an amazing wedding video, which showed they were incredibly happy, positive…