I'm hooked and there's no turning back

I can't believe that Day 30 has rolled around so quick since I started my nutritional cleansing journey... And to say I'm blown away is an understatement.

I've managed to change my life so easily that I've barely noticed it most days, from having a shake for breakfast - well I used to do that just with a inferior product that wasn't giving me all the vitamins and minerals I need, to doing a cleanse day - I've dabbled in juice cleanses before which left me tired and hungry, but the difference has 100% been the products.

My body has changed in more than just appearance during this time (pics below for those who want to see), I can feel I'm healthier, I train harder, feel stronger and I'm in general just better.  Can I just take a brag moment here and say I've never fit let alone thought I would ever anything size 8 and now I do - WOOHOO!!!!! 

Don't get me wrong there were days that weren't all rainbows and butterflies, days when I fell off the wagon, mainly from work being very mentally draining lately and unfortunately I let it effect me, the negative thoughts crept in, I took on too much and there was some serious emotional eating, to be completely honest.... But having said that, the support that comes with this journey has helped me recognise my mental state quicker and helped pick myself up quicker than I ever have before, so it was only days and not weeks of poor mental state and then back on the happy healthy train. 

I know it probably sounds like I'm trying to sell something here (which I'm not), but in all seriousness, I FEEL AMAZING, HAPPY, HEALTHY and MORE ME THAN EVER BEFORE, all from saying yes to a program and products that I was skeptical about. 

I can't wait to see where I'm at by the end of the 16 week challenge that I signed up for - maybe I'll have a washboard stomach?! 

I wish everyone could feel as amazing as I do everyday 💋


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