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And the search continues

So after the guy who was different, I had to get back on the dating wagon... Again! 
This brings my dating stories right up to date... And maybe I'll post about some else after this one haha.
I went straight back on tinder after that, searching for the validation that I'm desired again. And that's what I got... Match after match of a whole bunch of men, most of whom just wanted to hook up.
I've decided that I'm not interested in just sleeping with guy after guy after guy. That's note the way to meet someone and so after getting told I'm beautiful and wanted, I block those guys.
I can even admit when a guy started messaging dirty stuff to me today after I asked him how he was, I blatantly told him I wasn't that girl and I've got a lot more respect for myself than to go there. 
I have however spoken to a few interesting ones, most turn out to be psychos or have this obsession (like someone else I know!) of finding something better than the last, instead of…

He was different

I've written about this guy in my earlier posts, there was something about him.

After getting back on the dating bandwagon, I went on a couple of dates and was close to cutting it away, and admitting that I was going to be alone for a whole lot longer... And then we got a match.
I'm not going to use his name coz there is a possibility he may read this :/
I wasn't super interested in him to start as he was so inconsistent, one day would send a bunch of messages and then nothing for days. But after a little holiday to Sydney to see Dick, I decided to just say yes and organised for us to meet.
Evidence that I was not so interested was that I wore flats (never did that on dates), wore my hair up and dressed very casually - as in I put in very little effort appearance wise.
We went to one of my fave pubs for cheeky drinks on a Thursday night, he was late... So that was strike one, then we just kinda hit it off. For me it was that infamous 'click' that people talk about and h…


So now I've merged all my dating posts from my previous blog on here, it's time to get some new stories from this year on here... Stay tuned.
I won't be sharing them all on Facebook as some might be offensive.

The visitor

I'm going to be a little bit cautious in writing this story from earlier this year as I'm not sure who reads this and mutual friends may not appreciate what I've got to say on this. 
Late last year I received a Facebook message from someone I hadn't spoken to in a long time, it's was completely out of the blue but became a little interesting. Let's go for a pseudo name to save face for him... Let's go with Bob.
So Bob messaged me and we started chatting, he was visiting and things started to go a bit further than either of us thought, and to be honest I'm going to say its coz I was lonely (still am) and it was nice to have someone show interest in me. Don't get me wrong I know I'm pretty (not in a stuck up way), but it's really nice to be desired.
After texting and snap chatting (who doesn't love that app!!) it was agreed he should travel to visit me, and hey when we met the first time it went alright so why not see how time changes things.

Being preoccupied led to getting dirty

While I was building my house last year I got a little bit preoccupied with it and so in 3 weeks I only went on 2 proper dates, but had been with more guys than that... And here's those stories.

As the house has been stressing me out, I've notice that all I do is talk about it - see I'm doing it again, which really annoys me and I don't want to go on dates with guys and just talk about it because that's what I'm thinking about.  This has lead me to bending the rules A LOT.

Now if you don't want to read about getting hot and heavy... stop ready now!

Now these stories all cross over a bit from the past few weeks and even to me the weeks and days and flown by without realising where these boys all fit.  I'd also like to point out - all of these guys are good looking and have well fit bodies... yep I've been super picky about how they look, funny that given I don't have a very good/toned body haha.

I've previously written about Joe the Drill & B…

A little smitten... But is that the $$$$

It took me some time to write this post last year as I had some mixed emotions about Matt the property guy from Melbourne.I started talking to Matt, on a Sunday morning and at first I thought he was a little arrogant, but then when he suggested a late lunch that day and I had no plans I thought why not?!He was visiting family in Perth and was only visiting for a few days.So when we met up and he didn't really look at all like his profile pictures, I started writing him off and thinking about the next date, well actually more about how the 'cuddle date' earlier that morning with another guy had been interesting.I really warmed to him over the 3 hours we were at the bar, there was lots of laughs, lots to talk about and a few drinks later, I didn't want it to be over... it then also dawned on me that he was very wealthy and a complete gentleman.Over the next day or so we arranged to meet up again on Tuesday night for dinner, but when that came around he had text me to say…

I can totally talk to myself

Thankfully during all this dating I've dicovered I'm very good at talking (some would say I could talk underwater) and can laugh at my own jokes, because that became the common theme to all 3 dates I had one week.

Date 1.
It was time for date 2 with Col the accountant, I was unsure about this and thought I'd give him another go to see how I feel about it. We had kept in touch while he was away at work, but realistically it gets very boring asking a FIFO worker 'how was your day?' when you know all they have done is go to work for 12 hours so their response will be either 'busy' or 'cruisy'.   I'd like to point out that the night before he flew out and the first day he was home he thought it was a good idea to drunk text me... what's that about?! to me that was a massive turn off, so by Tuesday night I'd started to think dinner was a bad plan. It was also an epic task to decide on a location for dinner, so he was very quickly making his way…

Ain't nobody got time for that...

After I was left a little confused by the first guy I met from RSVP, I wasn't that sure that online dating was a good thing to continue with, but was convinced by friends that really how else was I going to meet people out of my comfort zone. So I continued on and started emailing Adam the geologist from the UK. During this time I was trying to email 3 or 4 people at any time because I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket like I had with the first one, Geoff the builder. Adam seemed nice and relatively normal, after a week of emailing we exchanged phone numbers and attempted to set up a date. It proved difficult to set up a date with him as he was 'SO BUSY' and then it was a long weekend, I was going away down south with my family for Easter, so we sort of made plans for a drink on the Monday afternoon. This is when things started to get a bit weird, I had told him I was out with friends having a few drinks so I wouldn't be able to text him (because you should…