A little smitten... But is that the $$$$

It took me some time to write this post last year as I had some mixed emotions about Matt the property guy from Melbourne.

I started talking to Matt, on a Sunday morning and at first I thought he was a little arrogant, but then when he suggested a late lunch that day and I had no plans I thought why not?!

He was visiting family in Perth and was only visiting for a few days.

So when we met up and he didn't really look at all like his profile pictures, I started writing him off and thinking about the next date, well actually more about how the 'cuddle date' earlier that morning with another guy had been interesting.

I really warmed to him over the 3 hours we were at the bar, there was lots of laughs, lots to talk about and a few drinks later, I didn't want it to be over... it then also dawned on me that he was very wealthy and a complete gentleman.

Over the next day or so we arranged to meet up again on Tuesday night for dinner, but when that came around he had text me to say he needed to make it later as he was catching up with friends. I wasn't really convinced that I wanted to see him again, as he'd kinda got a bit heavy on the wanting to sleep with me, so I encouraged him to stay with his mates and text me when he was done. 

True to his word he did and he wanted to come round to my place with a bottle of wine, I didn't really want to sleep with him so I told him I'm not that type of girl - bit of a lie after the Sunday morning 'cuddle date' but hey it's mostly true, which he respected and we decided to meet up at a local pub.

Again we had a really great time and a really great goodnight kiss... but not long after getting home he started heavy again on the sleeping together thing which was a bit much for me. It then dawned on me that I must actually like this guy because I didn't want to sleep with him and ruin it.

He went back to Melbourne the next day and I got a little sad because I wished I'd spent more time with him... How unlike me! But was this because he was confident and money wasn't an issue or because he is actually a nice guy?

We texted almost everyday after he went back, not a lot but enough to know we were thinking about each other.

But something a little strange happened the Friday after we met, and this is why I had mixed emotions on this - he decided that drunk on Friday night was a good time to tell me he had a daughter... which is why he lives in Melbourne even though he wants to move back to Perth. This was a complete shock to me and I wasn't really sure how to take it. Although the daughter thing didn't bother me, just why didn't he tell me earlier?

But his next topic which was for me to move over to live with him already was and all I could think was HOLD YOUR HORSES... I've not even slept with the guy and he wants me to move there, which was after the other strange topic he raised the night before of me apparently being married up by November to some lucky guy (less than 6 months after I met him) which to me was crazy and clearly I'd missed the memo.

So I was left wondering is it just the $$$$ or was there something there... Obviously there wasn't after I straight out asked him to fly me to see him and he didn't haha.


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