I can totally talk to myself

Thankfully during all this dating I've dicovered I'm very good at talking (some would say I could talk underwater) and can laugh at my own jokes, because that became the common theme to all 3 dates I had one week.

Date 1. 
It was time for date 2 with Col the accountant, I was unsure about this and thought I'd give him another go to see how I feel about it. We had kept in touch while he was away at work, but realistically it gets very boring asking a FIFO worker 'how was your day?' when you know all they have done is go to work for 12 hours so their response will be either 'busy' or 'cruisy'.   I'd like to point out that the night before he flew out and the first day he was home he thought it was a good idea to drunk text me... what's that about?! to me that was a massive turn off, so by Tuesday night I'd started to think dinner was a bad plan. It was also an epic task to decide on a location for dinner, so he was very quickly making his way into the too hard basket. Then Wednesday rolled around and he sent me a text at 6.30pm (before a 7pm date) that he was running late and would need to push dinner back to 7.30pm... poor form! To top it off whole date consisted of me rambling and laughing at my own jokes. I'd thought during the date that I didn't actually find him attractive, even a little bit.

As I'm writing this I'm realising how much I really shouldn't see him again because I'm clearly not interested, but have stupidily booked in dinner with him again tomorrow night... now to cancel that at the last minute oopps!

Date 2.
I'd started talking to Brad the oil & gas sparky on Wednesday or Thursday last week and thought he seemed ok, not super chatty but then he was a little bit older than I usually went for so thought maybe he was more of a talk in person kind of guy. So we arranged to meet up on Saturday arvo for a drink.  I'll admit I actually like to get there a bit early so that I don't have to be the one searching around for the person I'm meeting, so I got there right on time hoping he was running a few minutes late... unfortunately he was already there with what looked to be 2 glasses (one empty) of whiskey in front of him, so I went to the bar and got myself a wine and went and sat down with him.  He looked far more intersted in what was going on with his phone and wasn't very chatty, which lead to me basically talking to myself again.  Thankfully the pub was really loud so we could barely hear each other.  This guy was a little strange though, he didn't offer to get me a drink when he went and got himself another drink, and after a lot of awkward silences he asked if I had drinks at my house and should we go back there.  This was super out there as he hadn't really spoken much and I'd told him I had plans with friends after meeting up with him.  For me that was time to RUN.... I made some lame excuse (can't even remember it now) and left quickly.  I hadn't even been there for an hour when I left, but knew I'd made the right decision. Thankfully I've not heard from him since and have no intention of contacting him.

Date 3.
Date 3 of the week was with Paul the oil & gas rigger... maybe there is a pattern here. He had a lot of things going for him - a good job, was renovating his own house and was generally interesting, although I should've known it would be bad after he admitted to smoking weed on Thursday at lunch... really are you 15??!! I met him for lunch yesterday at a very nice tapas place in Leederville and he was another guy who was early, seriously that is messing up my being there first plan. It was really awkward to start with, but I put that down to me being the first person he has met off online dating so he was probably very nervous.  Lunch went ok, other than me talking alot (again!) and awkward silences when I got sick of talking. I was grateful when he went to the bathroom and I got to check my phone, I'd got a text from a friend who was going to the Garden for drinks very shortly after I got the message and so I arranged with her (until she told me later she was going on a date) to meet for a drink... coz I definitely need it. So when he came back I told him that she had been on a date also which had gone badly so I needed to save her, silly guy actually bought it and we ended the date quickly. He didn't seem to think this was weird and even text me last night to say he hoped my friend was ok... seriously didn't recognise a bail out if it had slapped him in the face.

In between these dates I have been talking to a bunch of guys, getting to know them and some setting up dates for the week/end sometime, but there is definitely one special guy who deserves a mention... I couldn't tell you his name because I don't remember and I'm definitely not still talking to him, but he was from down south where I was on the weekend and sparked up a conversation with me on Thursday night. To start with, I was thinking yep I'll meet this guy for sure, until he decided to have a whinge about how hard it was having done FIFO work for 3 years on a week on week off roster... now for those that don't know me, I'm not tolerant of people who cry about having worked FIFO - it's a choice and no one is forced to do it. This guy hadn't actually bothered to ask anything about me and then got very offended when I was straight with him by saying I wasn't interested because of his cry about being hard done by for doing FIFO. All I could think was cry me a river buddy, I used to do it and I know so many people who have and still do FIFO... but like I said it's a choice and no one made him do it. It definitely made me not want to talk to negative guys and also for me not to be negative towards someone who has potential to meet, because it is a huge turn off.


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