Ain't nobody got time for that...

After I was left a little confused by the first guy I met from RSVP, I wasn't that sure that online dating was a good thing to continue with, but was convinced by friends that really how else was I going to meet people out of my comfort zone. So I continued on and started emailing Adam the geologist from the UK.
During this time I was trying to email 3 or 4 people at any time because I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket like I had with the first one, Geoff the builder.
Adam seemed nice and relatively normal, after a week of emailing we exchanged phone numbers and attempted to set up a date. It proved difficult to set up a date with him as he was 'SO BUSY' and then it was a long weekend, I was going away down south with my family for Easter, so we sort of made plans for a drink on the Monday afternoon.
This is when things started to get a bit weird, I had told him I was out with friends having a few drinks so I wouldn't be able to text him (because you shouldn't drunk text) he then continued to text me and CALLED me (big no no in my eyes). By the time he had called me 3 times, drunk me had decided to answer the phone and have a chat with him, now I didn't remember 99% of the conversation 2 minutes after I'd hung up, but what I do remember is that he sounded like James from Geordie Shore and I'm pretty sure I told him that many times. His voice was not appealing to me at all, but I thought I'd still give him a chance and meet for a drink.
The Monday rolled around and by 12pm there were no solid plans to meet up around 2/3pm like we'd tentatively booked in, although he had been texting me ALL day Sunday.  So I cancelled it, used some lame excuse - don't remember what it was, and caught up with a friend instead.  He didn't really seem bothered that I'd cancelled but then said we'll arrange another time... again no solid plans.
I had decided over the weekend with the amount of contact he insisted on that he was definitely a textophile, someone more interested in texting than meeting.
A few days later and after I had been on a date with Ian the accountant, I decided to cut away Adam, it was all too hard to just set up a time for a drink let alone what it would've been like to try and see him frequently.
I will admit that he has tried to contact me a couple of times since but I'm not having a bar of it - ain't nobody got time for a textophile!
Ain't Nobody Got Time for That : Zeke Tucker


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