The visitor

I'm going to be a little bit cautious in writing this story from earlier this year as I'm not sure who reads this and mutual friends may not appreciate what I've got to say on this. 

Late last year I received a Facebook message from someone I hadn't spoken to in a long time, it's was completely out of the blue but became a little interesting. Let's go for a pseudo name to save face for him... Let's go with Bob.

So Bob messaged me and we started chatting, he was visiting and things started to go a bit further than either of us thought, and to be honest I'm going to say its coz I was lonely (still am) and it was nice to have someone show interest in me. Don't get me wrong I know I'm pretty (not in a stuck up way), but it's really nice to be desired.

After texting and snap chatting (who doesn't love that app!!) it was agreed he should travel to visit me, and hey when we met the first time it went alright so why not see how time changes things.

During this time of texting and what not, he started to get jealous of the dates I was going on and proceeded to text me constantly when I was on a date, and I kinda liked the attention - absolutely mental of me looking back! 

When I told my mates about Bob they got excited for me to thinking that I may be about to meet someone nice and I will admit I let my thoughts get away from me a little on what could happen.

When early January rolled around he got a train and a plane and rocked up in P town. It was SSSSSOOOOOO awkward, there had been too much said and expectations were high! So we made the pleasantries and I went to work, he was free to do whatever he wanted and use my tiny apartment as a base.

It wasn't until I came home from work that I realised he was so shy, awkward and his confidence was low... Surprising given he had megs confidence in messages. Oh and he didn't speak... So again was left talking to myself to fill awkward silences which was all the time! 

I'm not going to go into details, but things didn't go well when I wasn't at work, I discovered I apparently attract men with massive performance issues, which I should've known as he'd had some problems the first time we met... So after a few days this was all too much.  I had to kick him to the kerb - well to the swag on my lounge room floor anyway. He initially thought this was only temporary because of the heat wave and after texting me too much while I was out catching up with a friend I hadn't seen in months, I was straight with him and told him it was never going to happen ever again... Mean but necessary. 

I showed him around WA and even paid for way more things than I could afford so he could see as much as possible in a short period of time.

At one point during his stay I had to pretty much force him to book flights home coz he appeared to be in no hurry to leave my place, which wasn't working for me.

And let's be real here - he was a fucking pig, towels on the floor, didn't do the dishes, would leave his shit everywhere all in my apartment and whinge about the hello is hot in Perth in summer, always!! 

I went back on dirty old tinder after I kicked him out of my bed and proceeded to set up dates for the moment he was gone, actually had one the night he left, which perked me up considerably haha. 

Clearly old mate Bob didn't get it and continued to message me on Facebook after he went home, it got so bad of me not replying and him sending message after message that I had to block him on Facebook, again so mean but necessary. 

I could not have been happier to see him leave, I love my own space way too much and clearly can't share with many people... No wonder I'm still single.


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