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40 days

Sorry it's been 40 days since I last posted. 
The update - I'm STILL single, haven't been in a proper relationship that's last more than 2 months for too long to mention, and I wonder sometimes if the problem is me? (Don't feel you need to answer that)
So... The last 40 days... There's been three guys only, two were only blips on the radar. 
Let's start with the blips
Rory, he worked in recruitment, he definitely thought he was THE MAN, god's gift to women if you may. We met for what was supposed to be a quick drink, which ended up sharing an uber to our respective houses, (no I didn't let him see where I actually live). It was very very bad partly because he referred to himself in third person when he told a story, secondly because I seem to have lost all my skills to ninja and thirdly because he got all grabby hands with me while waiting for the uber.  As you can imagine there was no good night kiss, just me very quickly jumping out of the car and the…