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Sing us a song you're the piano man

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I've been getting back into the swing of dating, although I'm a whole lot less committed to meeting someone cool with my Europe trip fast approaching.
The piano man.... Where to start.... Maybe the stats - 32 - never married, no children  - lawyer - lived alone with cute stuffy puppy  - seemed like his mum cooked for him a lot - into music
He seemed pretty normal... So I agreed to a date.
He was super busy with work so we agreed to meet for a coffee before work one morning. The agreed meeting place was the red piano at Brookfield Place and we had joked about him giving me a private performance. 
For those that don't know, Brookfield Place have 3 pianos that anyone can play around the bottom of the building, kinda iconic and super easy to find, they have a red, blue and purple one, weird I know! 
So there I was waiting by the red piano to meet him at 8.00am one morning, there was no sign of him but I could hear one of the other pianos been play…

He had a winery but there was the distance

I know there are times that I am very shallow, especially when it comes to hook ups, but I can also admit a winery is something very attractive to me, as is a farm boy.
Having grown up on a farm myself I do find it easy to connect with people who grew up the same as me, so when I stumbled across Clint on tinder, it was a big tick for me... So was the winery. 
I started talking to Clint back in December when he was in the process of moving back to the family farm/winery after his dad had fallen ill. 
The conversation flowed easily with it occasionally turning to a little bit more than flirting, but he was so physically far away - 400kms to be exact.
So after about a month I started to realise he was a textophile, which was reiterated when he came to Perth for 2 days, allegedly to see me, then didn't make plans. 
I gave him the benefit of the doubt that things had come up, but I also started getting a bit vague and distant until he had plans again to come to Perth a few weeks later. Surp…