He had a winery but there was the distance

I know there are times that I am very shallow, especially when it comes to hook ups, but I can also admit a winery is something very attractive to me, as is a farm boy.

Having grown up on a farm myself I do find it easy to connect with people who grew up the same as me, so when I stumbled across Clint on tinder, it was a big tick for me... So was the winery. 

I started talking to Clint back in December when he was in the process of moving back to the family farm/winery after his dad had fallen ill. 

The conversation flowed easily with it occasionally turning to a little bit more than flirting, but he was so physically far away - 400kms to be exact.

So after about a month I started to realise he was a textophile, which was reiterated when he came to Perth for 2 days, allegedly to see me, then didn't make plans. 

I gave him the benefit of the doubt that things had come up, but I also started getting a bit vague and distant until he had plans again to come to Perth a few weeks later. Surprise surprise, he came to Perth for a week and wasn't set on making solid plans with me. It was about now that I called him out on his bullshit which lead to him making plans and admitting he is so shy and nervous, I again called bullshit as he'd sent penis pics and no one shy sends them. 

So we met... And it was awesome, he was actually painfully shy, but the conversation was great, no awkward silences and really neither of us wanted that to be the end, so we caught up again another night and there was a sleepover too. We kinda needed to do that before he left Perth and wouldn't see each other again for however long. 

Things were good.... Then he got vague on me, still texting a lot but just kinda different. 

We made some plans a few weeks after that for me to visit him to only have him cancel just days before.

Well that was it for me, too much talk and not enough action. Don't get me wrong I was taking into consideration his life turbulence and the fact that a winery would be good but... There's gotta be a point where you say no more.

So it was March and the texting just stopped. Maybe it was the distance that made it all too hard, or maybe he just wasn't interested at all. 

Shame about the winery... I really like wine! 


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