Reflecting on the big picture

I've been really pushing myself hard with work lately, essentially taking an active role on a project and still trying to make my mark in the role I actually moved to Sydney for. 

Having said that I really do love my job and am grateful for the opportunities I'm given, but after my body revolted against me this week, it's really made me reflect on what I want for myself. 

I'm ridiculously lucky to have stumbled across a company and people who can support me in making all my dreams come true, and it's a different company to the one that pays my bills right now.

Before you all say 'network marketing' or 'pyramid scheme', I'll admit it is network marketing... But don't put your judgy pants on just yet. 

So about a year ago I started following a Facebook page, that came up as a 'suggested page/friend' or something like that, because the people on this page had shared an amazing wedding video, which showed they were incredibly happy, positive people and just wanted to share their happiness and love with the world. To me that is inspiring and something I wanted to do/be! 
I actually got the courage up this year to contact them about the products they share that enables them to have this health & happiness... Well I was a little skeptical about it all, but thought it makes sense for nutrition, I had the fitness down but not the rest. 

The 'Ooohhh Ok' moment about the products happened when I decided to go to a START evening in Sydney because Anna & Morgan were going to be there. I had to meet them to see if they were real... And holy smokes they were everything and more than I had got from talking to them. Plus I was in a room of 100+ other people who were all exactly the same - like being in a positive bubble dream. But I still wasn't in it for anything more then to use these amazing products.  

Once I started using the products I couldn't stop talking about them and the difference they've made to my life! I'm 100% being me and being completely real about things but it blows my mind daily how good I feel, the energy I have and how it's all about balance. I'm not starving myself in anyway, I'm not hungry and I don't feel that I'm missing anything.

Side note - by doing this I've now met so many new amazing people and connected with old friends from way back, who have become a phenomenal support network, we share the good, the struggles and the quirks of life. 

Anyway... Today I had the moment that everyone I've connected with that live and breathe these products daily had... My 'WHY' moment. 

Over the last two days, while I've been taking time to reflect on what I want for me, one of the friends I've shared the products with, told me that she is bursting with energy, is fitting into some of her old clothes already (just a week in) and feels amazing, all from trusting and embracing products that I have had success with. To me that's it... My heart and soul was filled with happiness and love.

She and I are on this journey together, taking it day by day and supporting each other. I am so excited to see where she goes with this, as much as I am for myself. 

Reflection is such an important part of personal growth, especially when we've lost our way and forgotten about looking after ourselves... Do it often and maybe you'll get a glimpse of another path that's completely possible ❤️❤️

If you'd like to know more about nourishing your body through nutritional cleansing please contact me through my email in my profile.


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