Too heavy too soon

So dating has been slow lately and really I think this might be because I've been a little bit thrown since Chris, just not sure what happened after 3 great dates... Anyway so I thought I'd pull out a older story that definitely falls into the category of different.

I linked up with Joe through Oasis (I said it was an old story!) and he seemed very normal to start with and boy did he have charm.

After a day or two of chatting online, I agreed to give him my number and we set up a date for a bit later in the week. 

He told me he was looking for something real and serious - awesome me too... Little did I realise that he meant he wanted that with me already.  The conversation took a bit of a turn from charming to being very heavy and serious about all the things he wanted in 'our' relationship. He asked if I wanted the same things too because his ex he was recently split from didn't want kids or marriage or something as equally important and he needed to know that we were on the same page.

This was back when I didn't have the rule about opening the ex files... Actually this dude may have been the reason for that rule now I think about it! 

I decided that maybe he was just a little broken and gave him a chance because he had been SO charming early on in the conversation. 

Although I should've known it wouldn't be good - he's a dockers supporter and  I'm an eagles supporter - was never going to work!! 

So date night rolled around and he had booked a table for dinner at Bistro Felix, a fancy restaurant in Subi (side note - wasn't that good), again this all happened before my rule of drinks before dinners to avoid awkward situations.

There he was like a gentleman, looking pretty alright, out the front waiting for me.
He opened doors, pulled out chairs and wow the charm was on... Until it got too much.

He had me pick the wine and food for both of us - hang on isn't that his job? Then a glass of wine in, he starts giggling like a child and staring at my boobs like they were the only thing at the table, um hello my face is up here and weren't you just telling me how pretty I am?

Two glasses of wine in - he's drunk! Started getting very serious, told me his whole life story (including intimate details of his last relationship) and asked me when I can meet his parents, who at 33 he had to move back in with when he split from his ex. WOW?! 

It was about then I started planning an escape, but he was eating so slowly that an escape was a long way off.

Finally dinner was over.... But not the date because I couldn't let him drive that drunk, so we went for a small walk, all the while he insisted on holding my hand and trying to kiss me.

After about 15 minutes of this I made my excuses and very abruptly ended the date - I just couldn't cope anymore.

There was an awkward sloppy kiss from him as he walked me to my car. 

I did hear from him moments after I left... And I can tell you that the very next day I told him that I wasn't the right one for him. Thankfully he didn't ask why and he wished me well, as I did him. 

I'm hoping that as I haven't seen him surface on tinder that it means he met someone nice, as he honestly just seemed a little lost to me.


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