It's dirty tinder...

This morning I've stumbled across this blog ( because people have been entering my blog from it.

And to my shock and more my amusement, I found this post to be about me.

Now I'd like to point out that I don't feel I need to defend my actions on unmatching this man on dirty tinder but more so to finish the story he started. 

There's a reason I call it dirty tinder, it's sometimes about meeting someone to have a relationship, sometimes about finding a fun time not a long time and sometimes as simple as needing a confidence boost. Now that may not seem fair to all parties involved, but I don't know these people (mostly).  And really the app is based on people's looks, so go from there. 

I don't bother sending messages saying 'hi, sorry I'm not interested' to someone who may not necessarily message me, have even been online in that time, and in my eyes if I did that, I'd be wasting both our time. Sorry if this guy has taken this as being rude, but to me it's a bit much as to how far this ended up going. 

So the other night when I was feeling a bit down, because nice guy Chris hadn't called but had shown up on tinder again, I felt in need of an ego boost, which means quickly liking everyone of tinder and reviewing matches later!  Ok so it sounds insecure blah blah blah, but really don't lie, we all do things to boost our egos sometimes. 

As with all of them I reviewed this match and did receive the message he talks about, which honestly was long winded and not at all witty for a first message, and decided that I had no intention of meeting this guy, so unmatched. No harm no foul I thought at that point. 

But this story goes a little further than where his story did, which left me feeling that he is taking tinder a little too serious... And to me this is when I knew the unmatching move was the right one (not that I doubted it to started with). 

The mutual friend he speaks of, messaged me about 10 minutes later, asking to check him out on facebook because he wanted to have coffee with me. I got my facebook stalk on and discovered it was the same guy Id just unmatched... Huh??!! 

I asked our mutual friend how well she knew him and was he a good guy - her response was that she'd met him at a party once and seemed ok.

Again I reviewed available information and pictures and again decided I had no intention of meeting him so told her thanks but no thanks. 

I may complain where are all the decent men, but really is someone decent that almost does a background check on you before making contact?? 

Now if the above makes me fickle then so be it and I'll own it!! 


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