Dating a guy and his baggage

I've recently been on two dates with Steve, who as of today, I've burned off my list.

Steve's the first guy I've dated who had a child, now that's not significant but definitely raised some complications I hadn't encountered before... Especially when it came to his ex.  I'd again like to point out I only went on two dates with him.

He was nice, attractive and hilarious! He was straight forward when it came to his daughter and that he had a good relationship with his ex - so far so good. 

Date one went well other than him talking about dating and tinder... Hmm little weird but maybe he was just trying to find some common ground, without talking about his daughter all the time. He made me laugh so I thought it warranted a second date.

Well date two, he talked extensively about his wife (oh so she was still his wife, that's different) and about other women he dated, including the last chick he met before me, who, he felt he needed to tell me, didn't look like her profile picture and he described as a beast. To me that's really wrong because it crosses the line of talking about an ex and the talk of other women made me feel uncomfortable.

I also wasn't sure if I felt any chemistry between us and wondered if my judgement was impaired by the daughter, the wife, or the other women that felt like they were in the room with us. 

I was hesitant to book in a third date, and thankfully he had a busy week and wasn't going to be free again for a week... Awesome a bit of time to think more about whether I really wanted a third date.

Hmm so Thursday he got all sexy up in my face when he was texting, pictures and all... Wooow buddy that's a smoking body but I would've preferred to explore it myself rather than it being forced on me in a text message.  He then went really strange when I didn't reciprocate, including saying he'd go find someone who was interested if I didn't want to come round, um ok, off ya go then! 

The communication was pretty limited over the last few days, which was fine I was starting to think it'll fizzle out and just end organically. 

But today, he got stranger!!  Telling me all about other chicks he's dated in the last couple of weeks, I'm surprised there wasn't a story about picking up at stereo sonic yesterday, coz he just might've... This was now way too much and decided it was time for it to stop. 

So I straight out told him all his talk of his wife (oh yes I know her name is Em, they were together for 8 years, they were both on tinder and she was dating a lot, which I think he was trying to match) along with the other 4 chicks he was dating made me feel uncomfortable and it's awkward. 

In the end it wasn't the daughter that made it off the planet weird but I'm not sure the complication of an ex or still a wife is worthy of being thrown into any mix.

Surprise surprise I haven't heard from him since.... Let's hope that's the end of it! 


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