Don't drink and date!!

I know a lot of my close friends will say I love a drink or ten, but recently I really only have 2 or 3 before I decide I've had enough because I hate wasting the next day feeling like rubbish. I've also been sick lately with some lovely laryngitis that if I've had a wine or two has come back with a vengeance - this time has been no different! 

Saturday started out with texting Dean, he was eager but not over the top... Yet! I caught up with some friends and he persisted to text while I was out (I didn't reply initially but then it was 3 or 4 texts and I felt obligated to). So while out with a girlfriend checking out the esty event, we decided a wine or two would make a bad event good. Well two wines turned into four... And I started to have my just say yes thoughts. 

So four wines in and a possibly cute boy texting me, I agreed to meet him for a drink. What was I thinking... More drinks?!! 

A couple of drinks with him and he suggested going back to his place and he would cook me dinner... Well 6 drinks in me thought 'ok well a girls gotta eat'. Off we went to his place and things just started to go down hill fast. 

I honestly had no intention of going to his nor did I even want to sleep with him. So stuck at his apartment he started to get handsy with me.

For those unsure of what handsy means, it's where someone gets very touchy feely, to an uncomfortable level and you don't reciprocate. 

Anyway, he's cooking dinner, I've had another wine and a half - I was drinking slow as I had realised I was possibly in a bit of trouble. I even text my girlfriend and asked her to 911 me in 1hr if I hadn't contacted her including telling her exactly where I was, and thankfully I knew pretty much where I was. I kinda thought I was probably just being paranoid but something was off about this guy.

Nope! It really hit home that I was in a bad place when I tried to leave and he attempted to pin me onto the couch, somehow I managed to keep calm and get out, without causing a scene.

He then tried to turn on the charm again when walking me to my car, which I wasn't having a bar of so I drunk drove home - very bad I know but I needed out! 

I actually woke up yesterday morning with only a vague recollection of how I got home, including a little stop off to IGA to pick up some bread and spaghetti for breakfast, it's not funny I did it, but hillarious that I thought I needed to stop off for breakfast stuff. 

The dude had balls that's for sure!! He clearly didn't think he'd done anything wrong and continued to text me yesterday even after I hadn't replied to any of his since I left his house. But when he text me saying 'just let me know if you're not interested' it was like a lightbulb went off in my head... So I replied telling him he was a psycho and he should delete my number... Could you believe he kept texting after that!! What a CREEPER!! It got to the point I had to block him.

I now wish I had reported him to the dirty tinder authorities, coz he is all round wrong, but I was more about blocking him more than anything else.

Oh well live and learn, but really need to go back to dating safety 101!


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