Time flies... And I'm now 29?!

I always find it really hard to write when I haven't written in a while but there's stuff to be said so I guess this is as good a time as any.

A week ago today I had a very lovely birthday and turned the ripe old age of 29! For those that know me, I always go a little crazy in the lead up to my birthday.... Maybe that's an understatement!! I start to freak out that I'm going to be another year older, do I look older and do I need some more Botox (which the answer is always yes!), I wonder why I'm still single and will I ever meet a man (and in that state of mind I'm pretty sure all men can smell the desperation), I always reassess my career and question if I'm doing the right thing. My poor parents and best friends usually have to wear this the most - sorry!!! 

Although this year was no different to any other, there were two people very much lacking in having to deal with my mentalness - two people I consider the closest to me of all! One who was in Australia for 5 weeks but flew back just days before my birthday - I'll admit (and I'm pretty sure she knows this by how harsh I was) that I felt really hurt that my bestest friend in the whole world, a person I don't think I could live without, bailed on our last catch up in Australia before she went, then didn't even text me to say goodbye, she'd been here for 5 weeks to only leave just days before... Yep hurt deep people and you may say lame but hey this is my blog and I'll be honest! And the other person recently moved overseas and so I didn't bother him with it coz I know he's got so much going on, but really I probably could've used his voice of reason a few times there. 

Rant over - so evidently I've survived my birthday and it didn't hurt at all haha. I actually got to have some super fun times and drank megs amount of wine with great people. 

I even felt really special when my work colleagues threw me a little morning tea, got me a card (which everyone wrote in) and got me a lovely bottle of champagne! I was also lucky enough to get some beautiful flowers delivered to my work!

And as I do every year I get past my psycho! 

So thankfully normal programming has resumed, and love to all those who took the time to celebrate with me ❤️❤️


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