Another day another date

Back in August last year I can honestly say I was dating 'hard'!! To a point where I realised I had lost sight of the end goal, which was to meet someone nice to spend time with.

My very good friend Dick (haha love a pseudo name right?!) and I had managed to turn dating into a sport and had become very competitive with it... Including having a competition as to who could get the most dates in a week.  Now I will point out there was a requirement for the dates to be with quality people so not just find a person and go out with them, which made it a bit more difficult.

Dick won hands down, and I put that down to him being in Sydney and having more access to people than me here in Perth, although the number of people on Tinder in Perth has dramatically increased in the last couple of months.

So during this competition the highest number of dates I got in a week was 3 and he got 7 - some serious commitment right there! 

This is what that week looked like in terms of the guys I dated:

1. Joe the security guy/studying (yep I kinda know most of mine dates by first name and job)
He was a little creepy when we started chatting, by asking about love, marriage and children, but also opened the ex files before we met... Which is big no nos for me. But I have the attitude of just say yes, so I did and we went for dinner at Bistro Felix (fancy and definitely over rated). During dinner he proceeded to look at me like I was a tasty treat and got drunk off 2 glasses of wine. He again bought up his ex and desire to get married, which was breaking the rules again, so strike 2 and he was out. 

2. Colin the FIFO accountant
I initially thought this guy was ok and I actually went on 2 dates with him, he was funny and interesting, but after the 2nd date I realised there is only so much whinging about how hard it is to do FIFO I can take (even though I'm sure I must've whinged when I did it). 

3. Mike the crane operator
Hmmm this one was definitely interesting, he seemed really confident when we were texting and then so awkward when we met, could barely string two words together and left me talking to myself like so many dates before and after him. He also had so clearly lied about things also, including his height, clearly 180cm isn't what it used to be with this guy.... Or he was no where near it.

And after all that at the end of the week, I thought 1 out of 3 wasn't too bad for numbers.


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