The pretty woman proposition

A friend who is living in London recently told me that she had joined an online dating website called 'sugardaddy', she had told me about this site previously and I definitely encouraged her to get onto it, not to find a sugar daddy but to find guys to go on dates with.
She's been doing it a little tough, living in a huge share house, trying to have an amazing time, travel and working full time does take it's toll and can definitely be draining on funds. So I thought it was a perfect way to get free meals without any commitment. I know this probably sounds very wrong, but when you're doing it tough, sometimes it can get depressing, so what a better way to cheer up than a free meal at a fancy place with hopefully a slightly attractive man.  I'll admit I've done it recently just off some of the websites I've been on - please don't judge me for that.
So I was pretty pumped to hear she had joined and even more impressed when she said she was setting up 3 dates for next week... get amongst it, that's up there with the most I've had in a week!
She had received a fair bit of interest (of course because she is stunning and hilarious!) some wanted to meet up for a drink to see what happened and others purely wanted what she has classed as a 'traditional sugar daddy' arrangement, from what I understand this is where she would meet them to see if they want her as a companion, maybe sleep with her (this wasm't spelt out), take her for dinners, pay her an allowance and shower her in gifts. At first thought this was a little weird, but then after a bit of consideration realised this was perfect for her as she would have someone to spend time with when it suited them both, she could travel all through Europe on the allowance money and be spoilt rotten. I'm assuming that some of these men had wives they weren't happy with, but hey she's only in London for another 18 months, why the hell wouldn't you.
I definitely had a good laugh with her about this and how we would one day tell our grand kids about her pretty woman proposals.
Much to my surprise, when I checked my messages this morning, I had received a very similar proposal, Luke from QLD had asked me if I was willing to go to Hamilton Island with him in early October to be his 'girlfriend' while he negotiated a building contract... (wait for it) for a lovely $10,000.00 cash. Intrigued I asked what the catch was, to which he replied that it would only have to be in public, with a bit of hand holding and closeness... hmmm doesn't sound too terrible. I know I shouldn't have even asked or responded, but I couldn't help myself - I'm a little cash poor at the moment and could use the money. 
After a little bit of a discussion with friends and my co-workers who are very amused by my dating, I have decided that accepting this proposal would be bad as he might be actually just want to lock me in a room and cut me up into little pieces... not something I was really keen on, but hey it was worth considering for a good 3 hours today.
And really, sometimes you just can't be bothered working anymore and a sugar daddy would be a nice way to not have to.


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