Where are all the 'good' men?

Once I had adjusted back to the real world I realised that I was one of the very few single one left out of my group of friends.

So I turned to online dating after a very dear friend convinced me that I needed more to my life than just work, needed to start putting myself out there if I didn't want to end up alone, and really it was a way to meet men, whom I would not normally meet.

I've been on almost all the dating apps/websites (below) since January last year, which has definitely been fun.

- Oasis
- Tinder
- Blendr
- Skout 

Ok so the last two are hook up apps, but hey there were times I needed to know I was desirable when the top two weren't yielding good prospects or I wanted a bit more attention.

I know that sounds very shallow but it can become addictive to have so much attention from men, to have the rush of a first date and to have options after years of only having slim pickings.  I can put my hand on my heart and admit I had become addicted to it, to the point where I may have missed some good ones but really I can't think like that because life is not about what ifs, it's about grabbing the bull by the horn and riding it to the end.

I'd love to give you the stats on my dating, but can honestly say I'm not 100% sure on how many first dates I had last year, but can say I've only been on 5 second dates, 2 third dates and only 1 of those 2 guys made it to me no longer counting dates.. And that's mr right now, who, I don't know what's going to happen or if he's 'the mythical one', but I do know is fun to spend time with, makes me smile/laugh and it's easy, so I'll keep doing that because someone said to me once you should do things that make you happy, and that's what I'm doing.

WARNING - Some of the dating stories I'll share on here are pretty funny and others are just a little strange and some may be a little bit R rated.


  1. And I'm looking forward to all the stories...!!! Even the not so R rated ones! ��


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