Dating 101... The rules

This post is pulled over from one of my other blogs but think its important to recap for everyone.

There are definitely rules to this dating thing.  Some are big and can't be broken, others can be a little bent, and some are just little things that make me run from men.

The safety rules - these are just commonsense but very important and should almost never be broken. 
1. Never tell them your full name unless you plan to spend serious time with.
2. Never tell them where you live... ok I've straight out broken this ooops.
3. Meet in a public place and always tell someone where you're going and tell them when the date is over.
4. Don't get into a car with a strange guy... yep broken this one too, but was sensible enough to tell a friend including car type and maybe even a pic of the guy - well no one wants to hang out with the Claremont killer.

The conversation rules - these apply when talking to a guy online and in person, if these get bent or broken then expect bad outcomes!
1. Talking about an ex - this is a sign that they aren't over the ex and to walk away. This is a serious rule and I wished I'd known this when I'd met Geoff the builder, but now I take it that anyone who does it in any conversation before a 3rd or 4th date is someone to never speak to again.  Harsh I know but it's true and to be honest I've used this rule to get out of bad dates. 
2. Talking about love - seriously this is creepy no matter what conversation, I'm not a super lovey person so having someone be all gushy, public displays of affection and lovey makes me want to spew.  So pretty sure that's not the sort of guy I'm ever going to be with.
3. Sexting - I'm not talking about a little flirting, I'm mean straight out dirty texts, pictures of penis or really any naked pictures is not ok while you're getting to know someone... Unless you've slept with them and have seen them naked in real life.  I'll admit this rule has been broken a few times and a lot with one guy (Shaun the oil & gas guy) who I never met but it kept things interesting and really what girl doesn't want to be told she's desirable, sexy and that someone wants to rip your clothes off. 
4. No ambition - I'm always trying to figure out if someone has ambition and drive in both career and life because I do. I don't want to be with someone who doesn't care about pushing forward in their career, or doesn't want to explore the world, or doesn't want to achieve things.  This is one rule I won't bend or break... No matter what!
5. Talking about getting married and have children - this is just so creepy... Yeh I want to do it but not this very minute. Surely nothing else needs to be said right?!
6. Negativity - I'm at this great place in my life that has lead me to cutting out people who are negative, so I don't have time for a man who is negative.

Other rules:
1. Must be manly - give off the man vibe, strong, protective, be able to provide for a family and as bad as it sounds, must have big shoulders and able to grow a beard. 
2. Actually look like their profile pictures and description... Coz ain't no one got time for a liar!!

This may make me sound a little shallow or too picky but I'll argue that this is because over the last 12 months I've learnt what I don't want which is surely a good thing.

I'm sure this list should be longer, but can't think of more, if you have any feel free to comment.



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