Lie like a liar - does everyone do it?

One thing I have come across regularly in this online dating adventure, is that a lot of men think it's ok to lie. I feel that there is no need to lie with anyone off the sites as I'm genuinely looking for someone to spend time with, so they're going to have to like me for who I am... not the person I pretend to be to get their attention.

So when I met up for dinner with the first liar I came across, which was only the second person I went on a date with, I was left feeling very disappointment and a little bit cheated. 

Unfortunately I can't remember his name, which I know is very bad, so let's call him X the Accountant. Clearly he left a lasting impression of me and almost turned me off the whole dating thing.

X had been full of good banter, sounded sweet and just kind of normal, so we arranged a day and time to meet up for dinner.  At first I thought it was weird to meet for dinner so quickly and that a drink would've been better, but hey he had said he was definitely paying as I'd initiaited contact - so really I wasn't turning it down.

This is when it became very obvious that he was a liar, don't get me wrong a nice guy, but a liar. First he wasn't caucasian as he had described himself, and yes I had seen a picture of him but he just looked tanned in them, but not so much in real life. Now I don't mean for this to come across as racist but don't say you are caucasian when you are clearly Indian and have not been in Australia for very long. He then wanted to play a game of me trying to guess where he was from as if it was funny that he had lied... well it wasn't hard to guess given the strength of his accent. I unfortunately went along with the little game and obviously guessed correctly.

It was shortly after the game that the next lie became very apparent.  He had ordered a corona to drink, but after two mouthfuls out of it he stopped drinking and somehow during the conversation he mentioned that he didn't really drink.  I'm pretty mindful of the fact that I like to drink and a non-drinker wouldn't suit me very well, so this came as a huge shock to me as he had put on his profile that he was a social drinker.  He then nursed his one corona for the entire dinner... while I happily smashed back 3 glasses of wine as a way to escape a terrible date.

These were the two big things that he lied about, but did go on to tell me lots of things about himself, such as he was looking for a wife who could do all the cooking and cleaning, as he didn't do either of those things and currently these were being done by his Aunt and Sister on a bit of a rotation. WTF???!!!! Was this guy for real.

Thankfully it was a Tuesday night so I had the perfect excuse of work tomorrow to leave very quickly after dinner.

This wasn't the first, last or the worst of the liars I came across last year but is definitely a stand out and left me wondering do guys really think it's really necessary to impress a girl to pretend to be someone they're not?? And are is anyone out there ok with being lied to?


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