Well that's just plain RUDE!

Things reached a whole new level with my dating the other day... And it wasn't a high level that's for sure!! 

I've recently gone back on oasis because I do genuinely want to meet someone and dirty tinder isn't the place for it, ok ok I've known this for a while, but I'm lazy. 

So I got my oasis on and have found a few people to meet, which kind of renews my hope in finding love. 

First there was James - an entrepreneur, who had a farm in the wheatbelt, lots of positives in my eyes, especially given I grew up on a farm! We had made plans for drinks Thursday night that got pushed back to Sunday as he had to work late, so tentative plans for a casual afternoon drink were made. 

Second there was Jamie - a tradie, who wanted to meet new people and see what happens like me. We'd also made plans for Sunday, but they were solid, a date booked for 2pm at the Como. Hmm I hate the Como, but thought maybe they've renovated and it was better (totally wrong there it's still horrid!)

Thirdly there was Chris - a property valuer, with a 4 year old daughter, hmm I wasn't sure but hey I thought I'd give it a go as the banter was good. 

I hesitated on making solid plans with James and Chris after Id already made plans with Jamie, didn't want to have to leave a good date suddenly for another date, that's just awkward to explain. 

So there I am all prettied up, ready to meet a new guy and walking around the Como looking for him. I had messaged him in the morning to confirm the plans and they'd been confirmed, but he wasn't at the Como... 

Maybe he was late? It's possible, but nope after 15-20 minutes, no word from him when I messaged and he was definitely not there, I realised Id been STOOD UP!!! First time ever!!

I suppose after however many dates I've been on I should've expected this to happen at some point, but I've always been polite enough to cancel earlier in the day when I wasn't interested, but would never just not show up, so hadn't thought someone would do it to me. 

It was actually pretty hurtful and made me wonder what was wrong, but when I saw he was online on oasis later that day, I just got angry and deleted him quick smart! So after being stood up I text the other two with tentative plans to see if they were free.

Well James replied about 8 hrs later saying he was busy - he's totally out given there had been tentative plans and hadn't followed up to book in something solid! 

Then there was Chris, he was happy to hear from me and immediately made plans for dinner. The date was super fun that's for sure, and I think I'll see him again.

But wow I'm still shocked that Jamie could be so rude... Just not right! 


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