Beware... Alcoholic ahead

As you may remember, Chris was my back up date from a couple of weeks ago and dinner was definitely fun!

We went to Steves in Nedlands, ate good food and drank nice wine.

Although a couple of kinda strange things happened on this date, one being that another guy at the bar tried to sit down with me when Chris was getting the drinks and the other I didn't think anything of until a few days later.

Chris was funny, charming, albeit short, but all round nice, but after the first bottle of wine and the food was finished, I was ready to go home. Well not Chris... He was geared up for a big night.  He went and got another bottle of wine, which I only had one glass of as I was driving. But hey maybe he was nervous or hadn't had a night out in a while, either way I hoped for an excuse for his thirst. 

I continued on with the date and thankfully the bar closed at 10.30pm, which was my out to go home.

We continued to exchange texts the following few days, which was nice, other than the fact that he seemed to be going out drinking with a buddy most nights and had a hangover everyday after. This was a little concerning given he was 34! 

I had started thinking about not seeing him again but was left with no other option after a friend pulled out of slidestreet last Sunday and he was the only person who didn't have other plans. Ok bad excuse but we did have a super fun time on the water slide that's for sure!!

The conversation didn't flow so easily on this date, maybe it's because he only had boardies on and I was wearing bathers, but maybe it's because all he had to talk about was how much he had been out drinking and that he needed a girlfriend to slow down his drinking habits.

Hmm ok... So you need a girlfriend to put you under the thumb to help clean up your drinking problem... Well buddy that's not me! 

We went for dinner and a drink (well he had 2 pints to my 1 glass of wine) and that was when I decided that I was not seeing him again!

There's been a couple of texts since then, but again all of his are about getting drunk, which is too much for me so I'm just fading out of it. 

But hey, I guess going on dates with an alcoholic is better than being stood up. 


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