Recently I've had a lot of offers to 'cuddle', to be honest I'm a little bit confused by what some of these guys mean. 

I've rejected all but one offer of 'cuddling' and even then I was left wishing I had.  Nobody wants a guy who is all skin, bones and emotional baggage. 

It would seem that some guys literally mean just actual cuddling, but others mean 'a dance with no pants' as one called it when asked to clarify.

I'm going to say all these guys seemed nice at some point.

Let's start with Charlie, or as I'd like to rename him Mr Skinny, I'd been talking to him for a couple of weeks, he worked away so meeting up took longer than my normal period of time. He seemed so normal until he became focused on a movie and a cuddle. So I took him up on that offer and then after meeting him, realised not only was he SO thin, but that he had some serious emotional baggage, which I had no interest in at all. I very quickly left as soon as I could without appearing extremely rude, but think I may have been no matter what. 

Baz - was very attentive to start but something didn't feel right when he suggested we 'go for a drive' instead of going for a drink. My response to that - I wasn't prepared to be on the news after he kidnapped and murdered me. He didn't seem to understand that I expected a date before anything else and later that week he straight out asked me for a dance with no pants.

David - looked pretty hot in his pics, but was desperate for cuddles! He text daily until the weekend when he decided to drunk dial me... Now we all know how I feel about that... Biggest NO NO going around. Obviously I didn't answer, then the next morning when he text me I called him out on having dialled me, some how he thought this was a good idea to ring me again. It was 9am on a Sunday - ask anyone I'm not interested in talking at that hour of day, but yet he did. I quickly spoke to him and said I'd text him later to tee up plans for that arvo, and true to my word I text him at 11.30am suggesting we meet up for a drink at 4ish. I then didn't get a response until 5.30pm, and he wanted to meet up them... Well fail mate coz I had settled in for the evening, so plans were made for Monday night for a drink. And what can I say I've not spoken to him since - he opened the ex files 10 mins into date. 

Hayd - was only in Perth for ten days. We made plans for drinks, but I had to reschedule to the following day, due to an epic hangover (thanks 30 June!), he seemed ok to start with but then when I asked where we were meeting the day of drinks, he said his bed.... Seriously?! Does that line work??!!

Drew - the most current of them all. He at first seemed a gentleman, not much banter but was keen to go for a drink... So plans were made for last night. I cancelled these plans coz I just realised I wasn't so interested and shouldn't be wasting time for either of us... When I suggested earlier in the day that the weather was shit, he very quickly responded well maybe we should cuddle instead of going for a drink. Hmm not what I was looking for so I bailed. He has since been very persistent about cuddles, insisting it would just be a cuddle and a cheeky kiss, since I cancelled the date, which is kinda annoying/tempting... But at same time that'd mean I'd have to shave my legs and I can't be bothered.

Amazingly enough I'm really not that interested in dating, cuddles or hook ups right now, but hey that could all change tomorrow if someone perks my interest.


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